Domenico Cammarano Photography

Courtesy of Loretta Antonini

Domenico Cammarano was born in Vallo della Lucania, a small country in southern Italy, during the sixties.
Thanks to his parents, Antonio and Concetta, he grew up with a strong curiosity and attention to details, learning to see the world from his father’s camera, a beautiful Closter Olympic.
He graduated in Geology at Rome University, without ever abandoning the study of photography.

His photography is inspired by the great French and American documentary photographers.

He explored digital photography without ever completely abandon film photography. In this way has reached a mix between documentary photography and that interpretative with the influences of the old photographers and the most dynamic composition of our times.
As soon graduate started working as a freelance photojournalist, following events of the show and cinematographic festivals. The photographs were published in magazines and publications of Rai fiction.
After a few years he worked as wedding photographer at the  Cardei studios.


“Ai miei genitori, che mi hanno educato alla curiosità.”



“Moments Suspendus”, April 2014, La Vela – Trevignano Romano (Rome)


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