Here’s a brief history of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends. I was born in the
beautiful land of Cilento, in the southern Italy, in the mid-sixties.

Thanks to my parents, Antonio and Concetta, I grew up with a strong curiosity and attention to details. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful closter olympic, the camera of my dad. It still works and looks great in my camera’s collection.
My first serious camera was a Yashica Fx-3, A dream come tue. After working as a procrastinator, I finally graduated in geophysics at the University of Rome in 1998.

In my journey of life, I have never abandoned photography, and after stealing all my photographic equipment I decided to go digital, just when I decided that the only way to improve in photography is to work hard and study with ardor the masters of the past. And, before you take up a camera, you should eat many and many books. After attending some photostudios, I convinced me to become a professional photographer in the early 2000s.

I love documentary, portrait and street photography and Yes, of course I love telling stories.
I think however, that the only possible Photography is the encounter of light with argentic-substance and, for this reason in 2010, I again approached film photography, up to these days, with the purchase of my beautiful leica M2.

So, I’m a film and digital photographer

Something else to know about me

Nathalie is my wife and she is French. She would like to have a beagle. Our life takes place in Montpellier, France and Rome, Italy. But often around the world.